Stoma Fotia


Stoma Fotia (or fire mouth) explores the research at the University of Birmingham’s School of Dentistry on high temperature and fire. Working with artist Justin Wiggan researcher Melissa Grant developed a research programme to explore the oral health implications of using the Life Echo process. Wiggan, working with Kings Norton fire station’s White Watch, created individual soundscapes derived from the firefighters’ positive memories.

Former PhD student Michael Sandholzer worked with Prof Gabriel Landini to complete his thesis on heat-induced alterations of dental tissues. His works has been received very well and could help with post mortem identification via dental records. Inspired by this research Grant worked with Laurie Ramsell and his 3D ceramic printer at Modern Clay in Birmingham to create 3D printed teeth from low temperature clay that was disorted with high temperature.

IMG_8313 (1)


The Life Echo work has been presented at the Engage and IADR conferences. The work by Sandholzer and Landini can be explored more here.