Installation of Denture Discoveries

Installation view of Fish Heads

Collateral damage: Biofilms

Teeth and the Games Installation

HBOT installation

Installation of Spectacular Glass

Installation view of The Butterfly Effect

Invaded Mouth

Show Me Your Teeth and I Will Tell You Who You Are installation

Teeth Marks workshop

Teeth Marks installation


Feeling like a dentist installation

Know your Risk Installation


Green Bone molecular modelling workshop

Green Bone installation

workshop 1

Dancing Bubbles workshop

Dancing Bubbles installation

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Stoma Fotia workshop

Stoma Fotia installation

Light Fantastic workshop

Light Fantastic installation

montage slime cities

Slime Cities workshops at Art Science Festival

Slime Cities installation

Caught in a Trap opening and workshop

Caught in a Trap installation

Microbe mouth workshop

microbe mouth

Microbe mouth installation