Feeling like a dentist

1st July 2019 – 1st October 2019

People have changed the way they learn. It is believed that you can learn anything from YouTube videos even health related content.

Before Google, social media and video YouTube, people talked to a health professional to discuss dental problems. Now everything is online.

Most of us have learnt from videos but is it always safe?

Fake news spread much faster than the truth and the majority of the health related content on YouTube is unreliable, misleading and potentially harmful. In UK less 90% of searches results for dental procedures come from unreliable sources.

Online advertisings often have the tag line:

“The home treatment that dentists don’t want you to know about”.

Do you know how to check if a video is reliable?

You can test your knowledge here: Are you able to recognise Fake news?

And if you want to learn how to fill like a dentist take a look at this video

Marco Antonio Dias da Silva is Senior Lecturer from Brazil researching education dental and Satnam Virdee is Clinical Lecturer in Restorative Dentistry at the University of Birmingham.  This exhibition will show you how videos are used to teach dentistry and provide you with information on how to tackle fake news on YouTube.

The C2Learn project aim to evaluate the use of new technologies in dental education and is funded by the European commission under the Marie Curie Actions.