Light Fantastic

25th April – 20th July 2018: Light Fantastic.

On display in the ‘light fantastic’ exhibition will be a LED array consisting of wavelengths spanning the visible to near-infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum (~400nm-850nm). The array was designed and manufactured by members of the photobiomodulation group in collaboration with electrical engineering. There are many applications of light in modern biomedical settings and range from the curing of photopolymers, routinely used in dentistry as aesthetic white filling, to using light to directly stimulate or inhibit biological processes. In fact, the therapeutic effect of light for disease treatment has been recognized for many centuries. In the early part of the 20th century, exposure to sun light was used to treat diseases such as dementia, tuberculosis and acne. Currently UV and BLUE light is used to treat rickets, neo-natal jaundice and a range of dermatological disorders. GREEN light has been shown to improve skin metabolism and has been shown to be effective at lightening sunspots and freckles. RED and NIR (near infra-red) light however have been used to treat musculoskeletal injuries, degenerative diseases, skin diseases and neuropathic pain. As such these wavelengths have been applied in almost all tissues and organs of the body.


The work stems from research carried out by the Photobiomodulation Research Group and more details can be found here

Some scientific details of the research can be found through these papers:

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